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NEW ARTIST - A Sonic Slice Of Life - Experimental Sound Art

Experimental Sound Art

We are proud to present the newest project we are now supporting at SAMLA MUSIC COLLECTIVE. A Sonic Slice of Life is a sound art project intended to make use of the artists personal memories and present them in a way that communicates a life lived solely using audio as a medium. Each project made by A Sonic Slice of Life is a strict mixture of original recordings and generated sounds using primarily analog synthesizer equipment using only the original recordings as triggers. The intention is to not let any other sound into the recording in an attempt to keep the audio, and thereby the memories of each recording, as pure as possible.

Please enjoy the project Karlstad City Bus below. While you're at it, please also follow the links and like and subscribe wherever you can to continue supporting small and independent art music.

Click here for A Sonic Slice of Life on Spotify:


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