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NEW ARTIST - AFTON LIGHT - Ambient and experimental sounds

Afton Light

We are happy to present our first artist to join SAMLA MUSIC COLLECTIVE. Afton Light is an ambient sound artist, musician, writer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist about to release his fourth musical project Spock Your Fivers under the SAMLA label.

Afton released his first full-length album Psalm 797 in 2021 following the success of two prior EP releases that same year: Train Music (2021), and AM/PM/FM (2021). Two conceptual pieces showcasing his innovative and experimental blend of field recordings, synthesizers, sound design, and traditional instrumentation from which he has carved his own unique sound. He followed these works up with the EP Wormrose (2022). This time using a more experimental set of synthesizers and sampling techniques to convey a brutally honest and very personal set of songs.

This time we are happy to be able to support Afton Light in a new analog project consisting of two tracks using both ends of this electronic world by using small battery-powered synthesizers and sequencers as well as large modular equipment to create a new sound that demands attention from start to finish.

Please listen to the new album Spock Your Fivers by Afton Light on Spotify by clicking here:


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