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AFTON LIGHT - You Beautiful Bastard - New Experimental Ambient Electronica

Afton Light

After a few years of absence from the music scene, we are so happy to present a new project of ambient electronica by Afton Light. This project is a single track to mark the return of inspiration after experiencing drastic life changes in the last few years. Or, as he so succinctly expressed it to us via email:

I'm back! Quit my job and fucked off to Bolivia. Found new collaborators and some inspiration under a rock. Here's a new single, and there's more music coming soon, in the meantime please just leave me alone.

You Beautiful Bastard is a single track recorded while traveling and is an homage to inspiration as it presented itself to Afton. The beautiful bastard the title is referring to is (according to the same email mentioned above) Bolivia itself, La Paz in particular, and the greater South America in general.

With this project, Afton marks the return of samples and poetry to convey meaning. In this case, it is a cut-up speech by John F. Kennedy and a poem written by a collaborator whom he met on the road (V.Orm) from Ecuador.

Please go ahead and find this new track available on all streaming platforms by selecting your preferred service below. You may also watch the music video produced for Your Beautiful Bastard at the bottom of the page. And as always, please subscribe and like the work by Afton wherever possible. Supporting small experimental artists enables the artist to continue making music and your help is very valuable. Thank you!


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